The spirit of "Aloha" is a way of life and well-being embraced by native Hawaiians for hundreds of years. Traditionally the word "Aloha" was a greeting reserved for loved ones by first rubbing noses and then inhaling each other’s breath.

"Alo" means “in the presence of” and “ha” means the breath of life.

"Aloha" is an inner knowledge, given to all living beings by birth, to be loving and genuine in all interactions with people and nature, for all of life is connected. Aloha means more than “hello”, it is sharing food, caring for family and strangers, it is a smile, a kiss, understanding one another, kindness, honesty, touch, and empathy in times of pain. Aloha is a free willingness to love, as natural as the love of a mother for her child.

We extend this "Aloha" spirit of love and friendship, the universal message of all faiths and spiritual teachings, to each other and to all of your friends and family. True love, true compassion is the wish for the well being of all people.  This true love, this “aloha spirit” starts with the love between two people in marriage.

Let's ALL say it together "Aloooha!"