Preparedness = Confidence

Boy Scout Motto

We look forward to seeing you the week prior to your wedding. We want to help you and your family/wedding party become familiar with the Ceremony. This helps take the stress out of your wedding day. And of course prior to that, an ongoing e-dialogue, emails and telephone chats.


The Rehearsal takes place the week of the wedding. Most Wedding Venues/Officiants will be unable to commit to a Rehearsal date/time until 2-3 months prior. If our schedule will not permit us to attend the full rehearsal simply carry on as planned with your bridal party. We will meet with the two of you privately (and your witnesses/parents if possible) and we’ll walk through the ceremony details and paperwork.

                MON/TUES our offices are closed.

                WED/THURS are the best days for either the Rehearsal or Face to Face Meeting.

                FRI/SAT/SUN are generally reserved for weddings.

Most importantly, come and have fun. No need to practice the music or Vows at the rehearsal but VERY important to practice the KISS! Best part of being a Wedding Officiant, watching people smooch! (We don’t get out much!)

Be sure to bring your Marriage License to the Rehearsal


The wedding site/venue is always best. But you can do the rehearsal in any open area like a living room, backyard, park or common area


  1. -Bride and Groom,

  2. -Wedding Coordinator

  3. -The Officiant

  4. -Parents

  5. -Best Man/Witness

  6. -Maid of Honor/Witness

  7. -Any additional attendants/bridesmaids

  8. -Children/Pets involved in the ceremony


Firstly, come to have fun! We need a few minutes to chat, get your Marriage License, Copy of vows, Rehearsal Checklist and Balance of Payment from you. If you have a Wedding Coordinator (always good!) then we work with them and suggest that we keep it simple and therefore think of the Ceremony/Rehearsal in 3 Parts.

PART 1 - The Processional, getting every one into position

PART 2 - What the Officiant will do from the moment the Bride arrives at the front.

PART 3 - The Recessional or “Exit Strategy”

Then we wrap-up, see if there are any questions or thoughts . Last thing I suggest is be sure to have a nibble prior to ceremony time so you’re not hungry! And keep practicing the kiss!

Be sure to bring your Marriage License to the Rehearsal



"We want to thank you so very much for performing our wedding ceremony and rehearsal.

At the rehearsal you put everyone at ease.

Your calm and professional manner really took the stress out of the day.

Thanks again!”