We had THE most amazing day we could have hoped for.  The ceremony was perfect. You listened to us and really managed to get it spot on.  We have had many comments about how great the ceremony was and people asking us how we found you! 

You read our personalities and crowd perfectly. You injected just the right balance of seriousness and humor.  I can't thank you enough as I have been to several weddings where the service was boring and stuffy. You truly are a professional!

Once your Wedding Date, Time & Place are confirmed,

Book your Wedding OFFICIANT next!

All the time, energy and cost put into planning your wedding deserves careful consideration about who will Officiant your ceremony. An important decision which should not be left till the last minute.

Choosing the right Officiant can make or break your wedding day for you and your guests.

You want to start the day off on a positive, entertaining note, which is what a good Officiant will aim to do.

All Officiants are not the same! One of the top 3 fears of most people is “Public Speaking”. Make sure your Officiant is capable and qualified as a “Public Speaker”. That he/she is comfortable in front of any size OR type of group, with an ability to put people at ease and communicate in a warm, friendly fashion. 

In the Province of BC there are 2 categories of Officiants

MARRIAGE COMMISSIONER: Local Marriage Commissioner’s (MC's) were introduced in the 80’s replacing the JP (Justice of the Peace) by Commissioning local citizens to perform “Civil Ceremonies Only” within their community.

RELIGIOUS REP: Can include any local Minister, Priest, Rabbi or Licensed Celebrant, credentialed by an institution/denomination recognized by the Provincial and Federal Government. 

NOTE: Brent and Tracy are licensed as ”Religious Reps”. They are not “Marriage Commissioners.”

All our Ceremonies are “Non Religious” unless otherwise directed. It’s your day, It’s up to you!

If you have not seen the Officiant in action, meet with them for coffee first. Any excuse for Starbucks is a good excuse! When we meet with couples we find that they are not always sure who can marry them in BC, or what to ask. Here are some great Q’s to ask!

                                         "Officiant Questions"

So, book early and choose someone who “fits your budget and that you feel comfortable with”.  It’s important!  And when you make your inquiry be sure to mention the DATE, TIME & PLACE of your Ceremony. Finally, get it in writing. The Officiant should provide a letter/email confirming the DATE/TIME/PLACE of the Ceremony, the associated cost as well as basic cancellation terms.






Sheppard (rev)


Sheppard (rev)



“Make an Informed Choice”