"Your declaration of love and commitment"

It is important to feel good about the words, the vows you will share, as they are the centre piece of your ceremony. They will be spoken out loud in front of family and friends as your formal declaration of love and commitment. We can lead you through them in a “repeat after me” format, or you can read them to each other like a letter.

We encourage you to think through the vows and if you want to create or write your own, we suggest you keep them down to 8-12 lines. We want you to feel comfortable with these words. They are the framework wherein you will build your married life together.  Some mention God/Faith, some don't.

Again, that is entirely up to you.

Here's a few different styles to consider. We like the “His and Hers” approach, which makes the moment more personal and also means your guests won’t hear the same vows repeated, keeps it fresh.



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