We have married over 3000 couples! We have witnessed a lot of kissing!

One of the best ever? A couple in their 80’s! Sweet.

What does our 30 years experience mean to you? Quality and Reliability. 

We like to keep things simple. So here are two options for you to consider.

PLAN A: “A” is for All-Inclusive & Awesome

*One Wedding Ceremony: Non Religious, unless directed otherwise.

  About 20-30 minutes (depending on the kiss!) Practice. Practice. Practice.

  We plan to arrive early and be on site for an hour. Keeping it relaxed.

*One Rehearsal: An important part of the process.

  Meet everybody, so we’re not just  some stranger in a suit.

  Walk you all through the Ceremony details.

  Get the Marriage License from you.

*One Pre-Rehearsal connect: 4-6 weeks prior. Connect. Chat about the Ceremony.

  Grabba cuppa if possible, but a Conference call works too.

*Unlimited phone/email support: Answering your calls/emails promptly.

  Keep the conversation going. Staying connected.

*Prepping your Ceremony! Our Notes. Your story. Your Vows. (etc etc)

*Complete the The Marriage License, BC Marriage Registry and Certificate.

COST: $600-$900 Includes all applicable Taxes, Travel time & Expense.

The difference in cost will depend on your “Ceremony Location” as we factor in Travel Time & Expense, from our Langley Home/Office to the Ceremony & Rehearsal!

(A deposit will be required to secure your date/time. See Cancellation terms below)

PLAN B: The “Elopement” Package

Maximum 12 People. Bride and Groom, Officiant, 2 Witnesses, 4 guests (eg Parents)

Basic Ceremony Only. About 10-15 minutes in length.

Your Vows. Select from HeyRev.com or write your own and read them to each other.

No Rehearsal.

COST: $300 plus Travel time/expense if necessary. Taxes included

(Full payment required at time of booking. See cancellations terms below)

To determine availability & cost we will need to know three things.

1. Ceremony Date. 2. Ceremony Time. 3. Ceremony Location.

Brent’s Email: marrymerev@gmail.com

Tracy’s Email: marrymerev2@gmail.com

A deposit/payment will be required to secure your date/time


A. IN THE UNLIKELY EVENT THAT YOU SHOULD CHOOSE TO CANCEL your wedding and/or the Officiants services, or change your wedding date, ceremony time or venue, and the Officiant is unable to accommodate those changes, the deposit/any monies received will be deemed non-refundable.  

B. IN THE UNLIKELY EVENT THAT THE OFFICIANT SHOULD NEED TO CANCEL, for whatever reason, the deposit/any monies received will be fully refunded within 30 days The Officiant reserves the right to cancel at any time without penalty or liability.

*PLEASE NOTE: In the past 30 years, we have only had to cancel twice due to a family emergency. We have a great “HeyRevNetwork”  to back us up and the deposit is transferable to them. Be sure to ask any potential Officiants you interview, what their “BackUp” plan would be, in the event of an emergency!

COVID: 90% of our Couples rescheduled and we simply forwarded the Deposit to the new Date and Time. For those who cancelled because of Covid, we offered a 100% refund or Transfer of Deposit to New Date and Time



" You married my cousin and her husband.  We were at the service and thought you were GREAT! 

I've been to many weddings.

I have never been entertained and emotionally touched all in the same ceremony, like I was that day. 

So...are you available?" 


Brent & Tracy kissing in an

Old English Pub - York England